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It is an unusual excellent example that clearly dates to the nineteenth century. It is from the Dayak people and from the Iban sub-group, and most particularly from the Iban of the Saribas region of Sarawak on the Malaysian part of Borneo island. In the past, the Ibans were known as the Sea Dayaks. The Ibans were renowned for their headhunting. The hilt is made of carved deer horn. According to Heppell 2005, p.

The leech lemetek is associated with blood sucking and so was considered an appropriate motif for a weapon. A tuft of hair issues from the hilt...

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Description parang ilang A must have, far more BEAUTIFUL IN REAL LIFE! Circa 1975, Sarawak Borneo. Parang ilang: In Mandau the ilang means double knife and only the Parang Ilang has this characteristic with 2 blades: the main sword and a small knife fitted at the back of the scabbard.

A Parang ilang is used primarily as a chopping tool or weapon. With a heavy blow, a parang can penetrate flesh or bone, while relatively little effect would parang ilang obtained by means of a cutting stroke.

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