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Throwaways are allowed but will trigger the spam filter - PM the mod team if your throwaway account post doesn't go through. University will be for 4 years. The school provides student loan that will be interest free until the 4th month after graduation. I'm thinking Savings account or safe bonds. Or something safe that can provide returns better than a savings account.

Since its interest-free until graduation, I shld only pay the lump sum...

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It could take off some pressure to know that you can get extra help with your finances while studying. Of course, how much you help university fees get depends on your circumstances so you're not guaranteed the full amount. But it will come in handy as two-thirds of students rely on their loans to finance themselves, according to anti-poverty charity Turn2us.

Most full-time students are excluded from claiming means-tested benefits, but there are some exceptions. Below we explain what you can get and how to apply. Grants and schemes provides help with tuition fees and living expenses in the form...

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