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Since his debut in 2011'sClint Barton, a. In fact, fans were rather shocked to learn Barton had a life outside his Avengers family in 2015's. RELATED: After revealed Barton's family in the second Avengers film, the aging hero has been actively seeking a way out of his dangerous profession for the better part of a decade to varying degrees of success. While obstacles like 2016's and the Blip stood in his way, 2021's series finds the Avenger trying to balance his family life with his past in a post-retirement life.

According to Barton, it was his decision. Clint started a...

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I mean, I can't miss. I'm on a with super-humans. And onein case you've forgotten. The training is the only thing that makes me special. And if I'm not special, then none of this is worth it. I gave up a lot for this life. I could have been happy with Clint barton. We could have had a good, simple life. But I wanted to play with the big boys. And if I miss, it means I'm just another dude with a bow.

It means I've been fooling myself this whole time. And that's why I never miss. As a...

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