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By right, I should blog about this in My Neverland. But the subject matter, in my opinion, should be shared with many, thus the reason of writing it here. And while many have been there, many more have hulu tamu. Ever since Emak was afflicted by some rashes on her leg, she and I have been a regular visitors to the Hot Spring at Hulu Tamu, somewhere within the district of Hulu Yam, Selangor.

Approximately 85km from my hulu tamu, Hulu Tamu offers one a break from the drudgery of one's daily routine in life, apart from healing one from...

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About a week ago, I saw a friend posting about a hot spring retreat an hour away from KL. That perhaps lingered in my mind. After one of my consecutive long work days, I just felt like soaking myself in a hot spring. The search began for an overnight trip to a hot spring resort but rooms were full so we settled for a public hot spring in Batang Kali: Hulu Tamu Hot Spring.

I trust that most of the photos posted online were taken prior to the. The current condition looked better than the photos. To my right was...

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