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I NTRODUCTION I loved polo buns. Then, I was an expatriate and everyday we have to eat out. Whenever we ate at this type of restaurant, we definitely ordered this polo buns. It is rather unusual to serve buns in a restaurant that cater for lunch and dinner.

It is not for breakfast but a snack beside polo bun main course. The buns are rather small, may be half the size of what i have prepared in this illustration and what attracted most diners was it came with a thick slab of butter. The crispy skin went so polo bun...

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Underneath that crunchy and sweet crust is a fluffy and soft bun that sometimes comes with a custard or red bean stuffing. You might be tempted to draw connection between this and a Mexican bread called concha but I can assure you that they taste very different as the pineapple crust is less sweet and lighter in texture and the bun is softer and less dense than that of concha. Oh yes, there is no actual pineapple in the bun!

I first got addicted to pineapple buns while on a trip to Hong Kong, where my wife, a Hong Kong...

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