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We have an older section on our site which focuses on bicycles and all over the world. So, we decided that it was time to fix that and give you some great information about an extremely famous song and a very popular bicycle for two: Daisy Bell and the tandem bike!

First, some notes about the bicycle that the song immortalized. The tandem bike daisy bell in the Daisy Bell song is a two-person bicycle. Tandem bikes tend to be meant for two people, but there are some people who daisy bell designed tandem bikes for more than two riders!...

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Back around the turn of the century, well before phonographs and radios changed the way we listen to music, the order of the day was sheet music. Daisy bell scrambled to daisy bell the hottest new songs and those who could play the piano or fiddle would lead the charge for singers at home or in a bar. But, the woman who inspired this lovely tune led quite an unusual life! She also ranging from gardening to socialism to the Arts and Crafts movement.

Though she would go down in history for her vivacious beauty and countless affairs, most notably...

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