What is cunnilingus

What is cunnilingus

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I remember the first time I received head. I was about 17, and had a teenage boyfriend who exclusively attended Pornhub school for sex I mean, whomst among us, right? You can learn a lot about a person when their head is between your thighs. How much they love the taste of your lips, how much they care about your pleasure, what their priorities are.

It was inconsistent, aimless licking like a dog with tongue paralysis. I kept attempting, but I always felt like I was forcing whoever I was with to try it, just so I could squirm, and...

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Sexual Activity Before Marriage I am still a virgin and plan to remain a virgin until I marry. Therefore, my questions are more geared towards things a male and female do without actually having sex and what is wrong, what what is cunnilingus right, or if its ALL wrong.

And like I said, I think I already know the answer, I just need to hear it from a source educated on the subject of God. I am currently in a relationship, and things of this nature have come up; I was just wondering what to do.

About your specific question:...

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