Sweet and spicy, saucy, chewy tteokbokki is one of my all time favorite carbs. Tteokbokki is probably THE most famous street food from Korea. What are you waiting for, tteokbokki is in your future! Tteokbokki literally means stir fried rice cakes: tteok is the word for rice cake and bokki means fried.

Tteokbokki are made with cylindrical rice cakes simmered in a thick and spicy sauce. What does tteokbokki taste like? It tastes like heaven! Korean rice cakes are chewy and bouncy. The rice cakes themselves are very mild but when you cook them in sauce, they soak up flavor...

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Korea is famous for its diverse street foods. One of them is tteokbokki, also known as dukbokki, topokki, or ddeokbokki, a hot and fiery Korean rice cake. Currently, there are many types of delicious and convenient instant tteokbokki for you to select. Tteok is cylindrical, chewy white rice cakes cooked in a spicy gochujang sauce. Anchovies, dried kelp, and a bit of sesame oil add a salty taste to the tteokbokki, making it a dish everyone should try once.

Not too spicy, and not too sweet. Each container is one serving and can be enjoyed any time of the day!...

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