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About Us Translationly typing is a multilingual transliteration website that will help you to transliterate your text from English to your native language. You can easily use this website to type a word, phrase, or a sentence in English to quickly type in your native language. No need to learn the new keyboard pattern to write in your language. Just use the same old English keyboard layout to make this happen.

For example; English to nepali you type "Aap kya kar rahe hai? Our free translationly typing website uses service, and it's fast, accurate, and secured. After you type a...

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Free Online Nepali Typing Software: If you're looking for an easy way to type in Nepali, then this free typing english to nepali converter tool is just what you need.

This english to nepali typing tool overcome all the problems and provide all the possible suggestion after just typing some letters, after that you can easily choose your best from those sugestion which already helps many bloggers and content writers easy to write anything in nepali.

Just type English letters and the online Nepali translator will convert them into the corresponding Nepali letters. It's easy to use and will help...

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