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Their highly advanced technology gives them godlike powers, which when used appears as red energy. With these abilities, they are able anti spiral manipulate the laws of physics and quantum mechanics going as far as altering probabilitywhich they wield regularly both offensively and as a form of intimidation. Antispiral is the arch-enemy ofbeing responsible for Lordgenome's madness after explaining the nature of the Spiral Nemesis to him. It serves as the main antagonist of the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann series.

Due to the fact that they summarize the more basic traits of their race, their mannerisms are that of a...

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But when we learned that the evolution of Spiral Power would lead to the destruction of the universe, we annihilated all those who possessed the power of the Spiral and drove the few surviving life forms to the far corners of the universe.

We halted our own evolution and locked ourselves away into this pocket universe! On our homeworld, we sealed away our bodies and any hope of evolution! This form is the symbol of our determination!

Foolish creatures, drunk on Spiral Power! We defended the universe by killing our fellow spirals and halting our own evolution! Do you possess...

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