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Having been on the acting scene for about five decades, Chan was semi-retired but has made the show her comeback to television, receiving positive reviews for the drama in which she plays a supporting role as grandmother Lau Oi-huan. In real life, the actress' fabulous lifestyle is not so different from her character's.

From the lavish parties she hosts at her mansion, to the hefty dowry she gave when her daughter got married, let's take a look at Chan's crazy rich life and good fortune. Do you have questions about the biggest topics and trends from around the world? Get...

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Semi-retired veteran Hongkong actress Manna Chan recently made her television comeback in Cantonese drama as a grandmother with a patriarchal mindset. The 70-year-old, who has been in showbiz for five decades, divorced her husband after giving birth to their daughter but still managed to get really, really rich all by herself. Just how well-off is she? What an apt birthday cake According to reports, her secret to accumulating so much wealth was buying up real estate when the property market was affected by financial crises or the SARS outbreak, and then collecting long-term rent.

Manna is said to have bought...

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  • HK Actress Manna Chan, 70, Made Her Own Wealth By Investing In Property After Her Divorce; Is Now Reportedly Worth S$17mil
  • Inside the crazy rich life of Hong Kong actress Manna Chan, star of TVB’s Modern Dynasty who has made millions from property and once gave her daughter a Ferrari as a wedding gift