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Bargain hunter meaning

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Regime-ology is a new field of study so the practitioners are still working out the tools and methods for interpreting regime activity. Unlike Kremlinology, on which regime-ology is modeled, the focus is not on a hierarchical structure.

The Soviet empire was run by a vertical organization that operated like a corporation. The American empire is a horizontal organization modeled on the Mafia. It is a collection of elite gangster organizations jostling for power within the elite. With Kremlinology, events could be interpreted as either a signal from the party elite or representing internal party changes. If someone disappeared from the...

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There are many kinds of customers who come into your store or click on your site in a day. Some of these shoppers are looking for good value, some don't know what they are looking for, and some are looking for the best deal. These "deal hunters" are a type of customer you need to treat carefully. Read this for tips. Unlike value bargain hunter meaning who are willing to pay more in favor of an increased sense of value, the deal hunter will only pay less and is willing to accept less.

In my early working days I worked...

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