False start, 5 yards, repeat first down. After creeping out last night at Amazon Australia, the Transformers Generations Selects Legacy Cyclonus Toy Colors is now live for pre-order across the web. Cyclonus will come with his Targetmaster Nightstick and foil stickers to capture that original look of the 1986 toy. Hit our sponsors below to grab your copies! Update: Official HQ images tfw2005, we have a look at the sticker sheet and packaging. These are redecos of DNA Design DK-30 upgrade kit for Kingdom Galvatron to tfw2005 the colors of his two new toy deco and reformatting variants.

A very...

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As an incoming snowy apocalypse looms over Casa de la Aksmth, Vangelus splits custody of Episode 613 between Aaron and TJ. We are still determining who gets weekends and summers, but in the meantime? Let's talk about Transformers, Tim Curry, SUPERHERO BUMBLEBEE BATMAN, and uh.

We need tfw2005 talk about Titans Return's aftermarket pricing for a minute. But please subscribe to us, it's more professional that way! But please subscribe to us, it's more professional that way! Keep that in tfw2005 head, and you'll thank me as we enter the Black Friday Splatter Zone! Vangelus hits the Jackpot, TJ whips...

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