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BARANG ROSAK KETIKA PENGHANTARAN 2. We will process refund within 7 working days after receiving the cancellation request. If you wish to proceed with the cancellation, kindly contact our Customer Service at or call us on +018-2020011.

We will respond to you during business days Monday — Friday from 9 AM — kak ell hq PM. No cancellation fees shall be applicable upon cancellation request. Kindly email the image of the product and invoice for our reference. Note: If it is a case of replacement, it is subject to the availability of stock. In cases when replacement may not be...

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Armila Berhad formerly known as Armila Group Sdn Kak ell hq is aBumiputera company that was established on 4 October 2018. Armila Berhad is located at Section 15, Shah Alam.

Kak Ell HQ is located in the middle of city area which can givesmany advantages to all buyers and distributor to get Kak Ell'sproduct.

Kak Ell is a brand that is gaining popularity in Malaysia with itsextensive range of products in numerous beauty-related segmentsincluding skincare, wellness, cosmetics and hijab. Leveraging on a sizeable team of dropshippers, agents andtelemarketers with product knowledge, Kak Ell's influence in thelocal beauty market continues to...

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