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The Tomorrow War is a 2021 action film in which the entire world is facing its inevitable doom by alien creatures, and the only way to stop it is to travel forward in time. VIOLENCE: Relentless monster violence throughout which includes heavy detail, green blood and gore. Mostly if not all the violence about to be listed is shown in gory detail or shown with high amounts of blood spray and splatter. Human violence occurs frequently throughout and is shown mostly onscreen.

Scenes include humans being eating alive, chomped in half, slammed on walls, shot with blade like items, slashed...

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In a rare feat, Chris Pratt made the leap from character actor to action star, and he did it with an enticing swagger and a gleefully goofy sense of humor. So, what possessed him to sign onto The Tomorrow War, a profoundly insipid and unsatisfying sci-fi action-flick that shows off only what he is not. Pratt is at his best playing knuckleheads, who are lovable even when arrogant. One crooked grin and we might forgive him all of his trespasses even when they turn our favorite superheroes to dust.

However, in The Tomorrow War, Pratt goes against type, shedding his...

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