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Me, circa February 2020. My name is Andy Teh. Having been educated and trained abroad over a period spanning 22 years during which time I visited Malaysia only onceI returned to my hometown in 2003, when the opportunity arose to help a local private hospital achieve international andy teh — a first for the country! I am best known for my work as a healthcare quality consultant. My healthcare consulting firm,has been operating out from Penang since 2009.

Because of its historical popularity and presumed usefulness to those on older versions of Stata, I decided to port the article over...

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The list of "abusive toward people with power over you" traits are basically identical to a list of behaviors commonly displayed by victims of CPTSD. Ie: narcissism is a mental illness which requires diagnosis based on a set of criteria. Yes, CPTSD victims can still be for example racist and transphobic, despite otherwise not holding power over. But that doesn't translate to "this person I hold power over is gaslighting and abusing me". If you find yourself struggling to cope with the emotional turmoil that can often come with relationships with CPTSD victims you hold power over, maybe andy teh...

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