Boa vs python

Boa vs python

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Enjoying this spectacle is multi-millionaire owner Broddick and his girlfriend Eve. Their night out is interrupted by a phone call. The caller, Ramon informs Broddick that his "package" has arrived overseas from and is being delivered. Broddick is delighted and promises lucrative compensation to Ramon for his work. During the journey, whatever is sealed inside the back of the truck has awakened and become enraged. Ramon stops the convoy and gets a gun, ordering a panel to be opened. Unfortunately, a serpentine tail smashes through the panel and begins to wreak havoc.

One of the men is startled and fires...

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Disclaimer: This is information for entertainment and educational purposes only. Do not approach a wild animal and keep your distance. Only professionals should handle wild animals. Seek professional help immediately if you have been bitten or otherwise harmed. Consult your local wildlife authority for the right advice for your situation and locality. Boa vs Ball Python Feature Boa Ball Python 1.

Genus Boa Python 2. Commonly brown, gray, and cream. Generally brown, black, yellow, white. Range Central and South America West and Central Africa 5. Hunting Behavior Ambush Predators Ambush Predators 6. Venom No No 7. Breeding Season April to...

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