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You and your family should never have to choose between enjoying a tasty, flavourful snack and making the right nutritional choices to stay strong. Dutch Lady® Banana Flavoured Milk pairs real banana extract with smooth, creamy milk to create a delightful drink for everyone to enjoy.

With the improved recipe, this delicious snack is now even better than before! Banana Flavoured Milk is one of the variant offering within wide variety of Flavoured Milk. It contains nutrients that are available naturally in milk and it's delicious mix of smooth, creamy milk and aromatic Banana flavour.

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Products At Dutch Lady®, we make milk that is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins to meet the dairy needs of Singaporeans of all ages. More than just quality dairy, our milky goodness is also made delicious to treat every taste bud.

Come discover our complete range of products and how your choice can help you move forward in life. Milkypedia Do you know where that glass of milk in your hand comes from?

Or how best to enjoy your milk? Nourish your body and mind with more than just dairy goodness. Feed your knowledge bank too! Wonder no more...

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