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The two main characters the furies 2019 a cartoon sketch of what we now call SJWs. And they are really unbearable. I couldn't care less about the protagonist. In the first act, she only shows weaknesses before miraculously developing a strong survival instinct. The idea behind "The Furies" is interesting and I loved the way they explained the rules through the protagonist's eyes rather than dragging the plot into some boring and long explanations.

Unfortunately, the original idea is diluted by coincidences in an attempt to tie the plot with a perfect bow. The killers wear masks which are full...

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All of them are who serve. They operate directly underneathwho trains all of Darkseid's soldiers. In November 2018, the Female Furies headlined their own six-issue miniseries by writer and artist. They have been trained by to serve as 's elite strike force. Infighting among the Furies is commonplace, most typically to appoint a leader to the group. After former leader defected to Earth to be with her lover,gave a kill order on the pair, prompting the rest of the Female Furies to strike. First, Mad Harriet and ambushed Barda but vanished after weakening her.

Shortly after, Barda found and grabbed...

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