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The show tells the story of Mark Grayson, a teenage boy who develops superpowers like his famous - and actually evil - father. But as much as the story focuses on Mark's relationship with his dad, it's also about his relationship with Atom Eve.

Fans of the original comic book know this is a major part of the series. RELATED: may build on the budding romance between Mark and Samantha Eve Wilkins. Samantha has an organic and complex story in the comics just like Mark, one that is likely to factor into the animated series in some fashion as it...

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Samantha Eve Wilkins was born to Erias Brandyworth and an unnamed mother. Her mother did not survive the birth process, but Samantha did. In order to use her as a weapon, Steven Erickson went to the hospital of her birth to retrieve her.

Betsy and Adam Wilkins would become her new adoptive parents. Invincible Presents: Atom Eve Eve makes her crimefighting debut as Atom Eve Through atom eve childhood, she would see her father, Brandyworth, watching her from a distance. Her first word was CH2OH, which is the chemical group of hydroxymethyl. During her toddler years, she would demonstrate core...

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