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The program brings 90 trainees from different countries, agencies, and colleges, to form an international boy group. The show was aired on February 17, 2021. On the night of April 24, 11 trainees successfully debuted and formed the boy group. Start learning dance since 3-years-old. He is relative with Oguri Shun. Weibo: Ins: Ranking: 21-12-12-9-8-7-5-5-9 Preliminary Rating: F He is an actor. He is half Thailand and half German. Good at electronic piano. He is a Chinese-American. He is a actor.

He used to be the dance teacher of tf family. Member of SWIN-S Cai Xukun Teammate. Can play piano,...

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This week, officially unveiled their Mentor line-up for this season! Deng Chao has been revealed as the leading Mentor for the show while, and the leader chuang 2021 profilejoin him in the mentorship team. Providing support to the mentors is also fromwho has received an official appointment as the International Student Assistant.

Together, the team will join forces to lead, assist and accompany the trainees from all over the world to take on the adventure that begins with! As the leading Mentor for this season, Deng Chao is well-recognised by the Chinese public and considered a veteran in the Chinese...

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