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Foreigners interested in how to get citizenship in Malaysia should know in the first place that they need to give up the prior nationality because the country does not accept dual citizenship. Even so, many foreigners believe that Malaysia is the proper place for them, and decide to apply for citizenship.

We present you with a few important aspects that highlight how citizenship in Malaysia can be acquired, helped by one of our. Our experts can help foreigners move to Malaysia. If you decided to apply for citizenship in Malaysia, it is recommended to have a clear picture of the...

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Current Malaysian citizenship laws were set by the Malaysian Constitution in 1964 in response to Malaysian independence from Britain in 1957. Because some of the requirements regarding the Malay language are inconsistently applied, expats looking to become naturalized citizens are often met with disappointment and delays when pursuing the citizenship process.

If you wish to become a Malaysian citizen, study the requirements carefully and prepare to devote yourself to Malaysian allegiance in pursuit of the privilege of citizenship. Registration A child born in Malaysia or outside of Malaysia to Malaysian parents is a Malaysian citizen. If the child has one...

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