Digi data problem

Digi data problem

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At the Digiday Hot Topic UK: Data-Driven Publishing event last November in London, we sat down with over 20 advertising executives from major companies to better understand major challenges with using data in digital advertising. Learn more about our upcoming events. Top findings:• Thirty percent of respondents said unreliable third-party data was the biggest challenge when using data in digital campaigns.

Eighty-two percent believe that third-party data is unreliable. Unilever CMO Keith Weed urged the advertising world to address the murkiness and inefficiencies of the digital supply chain in his keynote address on Feb.

12 at the IAB Annual Leadership...

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When doing a command, you may receive an "Access Violation" error message. This is typically a result of a corrupt record in one of two databases.

To find and eliminate this record, use these steps:• Close the DigiWin program, if it is running. Run the program "Dataview. Select the button labeled "Open Database".

Navigate to the authorized. db file and select it. Look for a blank entry in one of the following fields UniqueID, TENANTNUMBER,ACCESSNUMBER,UNITNUMBER,or LASTNAME. Do the same thing for the Tenant. db file if you do not find the problem in the authorized. When you find the line...

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