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Material girl meaning

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This was written by the songwriters Peter Brown and Robert Rans. The song is about a woman who craves the finer things in life and will manipulate men to get them.

Like A Virgin was only Madonna's second album, and she was still developing her image. Much to her dismay, "Material Girl" became her nickname, but over the next few years she was able to dissociate from the song material girl meaning establish many new looks. Later in her career, Madonna wrote and recorded many more substantive and personal songs, and adapted a lifestyle that stressed harmony and mindfulness over...

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It was released on November 30, 1984, by the Sire label as the second single from Like a Virgin. It also appears slightly remixed on the 1990 greatest hits compilation, The Immaculate Collection, and in its original form on the 2009 greatest hits compilation, Celebration. The song was written by Peter Brown and Robert Rans, while Nile Rodgers produced the track.

Madonna explained that the concept of the song was indicative of her life at that time, and she liked it because she felt it was material girl meaning.

The lyrics identify with materialism, with Madonna asking for a rich...

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