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Every bride-to-be wants to looks beautiful and to radiate that illustrious bridal lemongrass miri on their wedding day. The Javanese brides accordingly go through lengths to look at their best from head-to-toe where in Java, there is no such thing as simple beauty ritual.

However arduous those ritual might be, Javanese bride will be guaranteed to look her best during the most beautiful day of her life. Here in Tjantek Spa, we believe in bringing the best from the ancient Royal Javanese beauty secret where we simplify without compromising on any of the Javanese pre-wedding bridal preparation. We aspire to...

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Lemongrass: Sounds sick to me. Overstepping bounds for sure. Find a new therapist MeMyselfAndI: So my son is getting the help he needs. I mean, I think. Does this say something about the therapist? Is she overstepping her bounds? The forum was quiet, and after a few minutes, she logged out. She had her work cut out for her. With Shira busy at her new job, Deena had to set up and shoot her pictures on her own. She was worried about those pictures, but at the same time, there was something thrilling about the challenge, and even while she...

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