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It can also mimic sounds near-perfectly, including the voices of people it's heard. The Foundation suspects as much, which is why they do not allow it to have access to anything with bones, but it has secretly been stockpiling ant exoskeletons. The baby will then eat the insides of its host, and after leaving its human host, it will appear as a normal human infant.

However, its DNA is still that of a tapeworm. In all other animals, it's basically a normal tapeworm. The longer one uses it, the more addicted to pornography to become, as well as being known...

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With his many sharp teeth, Huggy can easily devour humans. He is also very fast as 19 miles per hour. Despite scp 1006 a barbaric and bloodthirsty creature, Huggy is not mindless. He is extremely intelligent and can formulate strategies against his targets such as pretending to be a statue to fool the protagonist, and when he actively lured the protagonist deeper into the facility all the way in while stalking them. Huggy is very flexible, able to easily fit his body into vents.

Appearance Huggy Wuggy is shown in the game to be an enormous creature with incredibly long...

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