Bed ridden meaning

Bed ridden meaning

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bed ridden meaning Video shows what bedridden means. Definition and synonyms of bedridden from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. Definition of Bedridden in the Online Tamil Dictionary. Meaning and definitions of bedridden, translation in Amharic language for bedridden with similar and opposite words. What is bedridden? A bedridden patient becomes vulnerable to various health complications like painful bed sores, circulation and respiratory problems, depression and contractures, due to lack of activity for long periods.

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a person who is ill or is undergoing treatment for disease. There is considerable debate regarding the appropriate use of this term. In some institutional settings it is not used because it is thought to denote a dependent relationship on the part of the person undergoing treatment.

The words client, resident, and at times guest can also be used to refer to a person receiving treatment. p's rights those rights attributed to a person seeking health care. A revised document was subsequently approved in 1992. This was published with the expectation that observance of patient's rights would contribute to more...

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