Aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panel

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There is one thing we can all agree on within the construction industry, and it is that the popularity of has not stopped growing over the past few years. This type of material is specially designed for the construction of ventilated facades, their renovation or rehabilitation. It provides solutions that can be adapted to all fields of architecture. In this post you will know everything you need to know about the composite panel, how it is produced, its main characteristics, finishes, transformations and its most popular uses.

In its natural state it is found in many silicates, and is extracted...

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ACM Panel Fabrication Expertise Whether you are an Owner, Architect, General Contractor or Installer, our experienced staff can provide solutions to your most complex aluminum wall system designs. Many of the projects we work on incorporate large sections of various standard style panels but also include custom panels such as column covers, curved panels and perforated panels. In addition to the endless design possibilities, ACM material is known for its superior strength, light weight, durability and array of color finishes.

Aluminum Composite Material Finishes Depending on the style of finish you choose, ACM panels have two or three coat finishes...

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