Malaysia airlines flight mh370

Malaysia airlines flight mh370

Airlines mh370 malaysia flight

@Malaysia airlines flight mh370

The prime minister bases his conclusion on what the Times says is: …new analysis of data from an automated satellite system on the plane, performed by Inmarsat and the British national aviation safety agency. The analysis narrowed down the possible paths the Boeing 777 aircraft could have taken as it kept flying for hours after contact with ground controllers was lost on March 8, and it ruled out that the plane could have gone anywhere but the remote waters southwest of Australia, where there is no place the plane could have landed safely.

Razak said according to the Times. The...

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During the documentary MH370: The Final Search which aired on Wednesday night, top aviation safety investigator and retired pilot, John Cox said the loss of MH370 was no accident.

The Malaysia Airlines flight was carrying 239 passengers and crew when it went missing above the Indian ocean. The baffling loss of the plane prompted search efforts and speculation when it went missing in 2014.

Cox has been a pilot, author, and aircraft accident investigator and appeared on the TV series Air Crash Investigation. Cox believes that the evidence doesn't stack up with existing theories. He told Sky the plane's twisting...

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