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Upon discovering that the student was attending the class on his phone, the professor berated him for not having a computer during the fifth semester and suggested that he should get his sister to sell off her gold bracelet to purchase one.

Several Twitter users expressed disappointment and even revulsion, among them Muar MP and Muda chief Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, who is a former youth and sports minister. He said that a third of students in Malaysia do not have a laptop or tablet, based on a survey conducted by the Education Ministry.

He also noted a worrying...

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Despite recently getting embroiled in a huge legal fiasco, Malaysian teenager Ain Husniza — who recently made headlines after — has refused to remain passive, and has used her social media channels to once again twitter viral malaysia out unsavory behavior by other Malaysians — this time being pedophilia.

On September 8, 2021, the teenager from Kuala Lumpur took to Twitter to upload a few screenshots showing comments supposedly left on an Instagram post, all of them pedophilic in nature. So that means I'm fine. While the actual photo the comments were left on was not revealed by Ain, she...

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