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Do you use Google Translate? Of course you do. And have you ever come across any funny Google Translate fails? Of course you have. Just like Google can. So to make your day, we decided to gather 20 most hilarious Google fails.

What Is Google Translate? But first, what is Google Translate? It translates words, phrases, or entire texts from one language to another instantly. This service is completely free to use.

It can translate not only texts and documents but also speech, handwriting, and texts moving inside images. At the moment, it supports 109 languages. How Does Google Translate...

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TRANSLATION We offer translation in a variety of languages. Our translators are specialized in different fields: medicine, nursing, pharmaceutical, psychology, occupational health and safety, agriculture, dairy industry, mining industry, human resources, publicity, marketing, business and literature. Additional fees may apply. Additional fees may apply.

The second is a team of certified translators, editors and teachers who are available to assist companies and individuals with translation and editing. We also offer creative writing support.

Our translation services cover many languages and specialized subjects. All documents are translated by one professional and then reviewed by another.

GUYLAINE GERVAIS Born in Kapuskasing, a...

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