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King's Castle is the fourth in Dungeon Quest. It was released on 2019-04-06. It is available at 70 for Insane and level 75 for Nightmare difficulty. Mini-bosses include the Beast Master in the 3rd room and the Arch-Mage in the 5th room. The final boss is The King, who resides in the 8th room. This dungeon features a normal melee enemy, a normal ranged enemy, and a special melee enemy with a unique attack pattern known as the Hitman. Hitmen run quickly toward the player and have an area-based strike.

When running this dungeon, it is recommended to have 15K+...

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For several years there has been a succession of stories suggesting that the imposing Armory building in the Mission was slowly being relinquished by its owner, BDSM porn concern Kink. Three years ago Kink CEO Peter Acworthrenting some office space in Las Vegas ahead of a proposed state law that was passing through the legislature mandating the use of condoms in all porn shoots.

But the condoms-in-porn debate aside, the company has apparently been facing bigger obstacles both with the upkeep of their signature headquarters, and with the dwindling market for paid porn content.

This means that most of those...

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