Income tax deadline 2022 malaysia

Income tax deadline 2022 malaysia

2022 deadline income malaysia tax

@Income tax deadline 2022 malaysia

LHDN Inland Revenue Board has recently released the Return Form RF Filing Programme For The Year 2022 onwhich listed all the file types, due dates, grace period, and filing method for your references.

With that said, we have prepared a summary of the filing programme as below with highlights to some of the key changes in 2022. Form EA: Yearly remuneration statement is a Yearly Remuneration Statement prepared by the company to employees for tax submission. An employee can have more than one in a year in the case of switching multiple jobs over the past year.

Failure to prepare...

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The 2022 filing programme is broadly similar in concept to the position laid out in the original 2022 filing programme see Tax Alert No.

Where a grace period is given, submissions shall be deemed to have been received by the stipulated due date if received within the grace period. The grace period also applies to the settlement of the balance of tax payable under Section 103 1 of the ITA. Some of the key updates to the 2022 filing programme are income tax deadline 2022 malaysia follows:• The 2022 filing programme stipulates the due date for the submission of the...

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