Kang du qing fei pills

Kang du qing fei pills

Fei kang du pills qing

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Action and Indications: Ventilate the lung to arrest cough, clear away heat and disperse dampness, remove toxic substances and expel pathogenic evil. Help to relieve symptoms such as fatigue, fever, cough, sore throat and poor appetite.

Dosage: For oral administration, take 5g with warm water, once daily. Side Effects: May cause dizziness, headaches, poor appetite, insomnia, irregular or fast heartbeat and rise in blood pressure. Contraindications: Avoid smoking, alcohol and spicy, cold or greasy food. Patients with fever and body temperature exceeding 38. Contraindicated in pregnancy, lactation and individuals with heart diseases, hypertension, glaucoma, diabetes and thyroid diseases.

Contraindicated in...

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