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A person's eyes look no different after they gain the Shinigami Eyes. It is impossible for humans to tell scientifically or otherwise who possesses Shinigami Eyes. In the manga, a human's Shinigami Eyes are depicted as having gold pupils, with red irises and pale yellow sclera.

In the anime, the irises are simply a bright and shining red. In the film series, the eyes are depicted differently between the films. Inthey are depicted with a shinigami eyes "cat eye" appearance. Inthe eyes have a dark red color. Obtaining Shinigami Eyes Eye deal Making the is the most common way for...

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The Shinigami referenced in the title and chorus are characters related to Japanese folklore. Certain traditional beliefs from Japan, such as this one, are known to the modern world due to the popularity of Japanese culture, such as anime, with Japan probably being the most serious country as far as the creation of cartoons is concerned. For instance, Bleach is a well-known anime franchise where Shinigami play a prominent role.

And so it is with another of such series known as Death Note. And in enlightening the world to that fact, Grimes also warned us not to read too deeply...

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