In some campaigns, language can be a bit of an afterthought, while in others it can play a really important role. There is one unifying language that is spoken by all except the most isolated of communities, and perhaps some uncivilized monsters, maybe, and that language is known, appropriately so, as Common.

They at least know some Common. The majority of characters will start out knowing at least two languages, and through various other feats, backgrounds, and other potential backstory language, you can learn many more. Having language play a major role in the campaign, even if just in small...

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Current distribution of human language families This article ranks human languages by their number of. However, all such rankings should be used with caution, because it is not possible to devise language coherent set of linguistic criteria for distinguishing languages in a. For example, a language is often defined as a set of that arebut independent national standard languages may be considered to be separate languages even though they are largely language intelligible, as in the case of and.

Conversely, many commonly accepted languages, includingand evenencompass varieties that are not mutually intelligible. Similarly, is sometimes viewed as a single language...

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