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How do I know if McDelivery is available to my address? Depending on where you are, McDelivery is available on DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, or Postmates apps. Uber Eats mcdelivery customer service also available to order from the McDonald's app.

To order McDelivery through thelog in, if you are not already. Select 'Order' from the bottom menu bar and switch from 'Pickup' to 'McDelivery'. Enter your desired delivery address and you will be notified if is available to you through our app. How do I know what items are available for McDelivery?

Menu items will vary by location. For food...

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The specific delivery address could change the availability of McDelivery®. In order to complete and pay for your order, Uber will use their Uber Eats app. Change My Order I made an error on the items in my order. How do I change my order? In the Uber Eats app, you will have a last chance to edit your items before submitting the order. If you have already submitted and paid for the order in Uber Eats, contact Uber Eats customer service. I have a problem with the delivery address or instructions for an order I submitted.

What do I...

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