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Located deep in the Bornean jungle, the Danum Valley Conservation Area holds a special place in ecotourism. The lowland dipterocarp rainforest covers 438 square kilometres and has remained unchanged for millions of years. On-site accommodation ranges from a hostel bed to chalets. Daily activities include jungle trekking, wildlife spotting, night safaris and canopy walks.

Lucky tourists might see orangutans, pygmy elephants and sambar deer. Apart from providing a world-class retreat, Rasa Ria has an impressive nature reserve near. Offering short jungle walks during the day and night, the resort is one of the more accessible nature reserves in Malaysia. Night...

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In 1913, the British Colony in Malaya introduced the Malay Reserve Land MRL Law to our homeland, long before Merdeka Day, 31st of August 1957. Since then, it has formed a remarkable legal regime affecting our national land law until today. MRL was first established by the British in the Federated Malay States of Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, and Pahang, with the simple purpose of preventing the lands in those states held by the Malays from being disposed of by any means to the non-Malays.

Their intention is that the lands held by the Malays be controlled by the Malays...

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