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You're fighting so you can watch everyone around you die! You'll outlast every fragile, insignificant being on this planet. You'll live to see this world crumble to dust and blow away! Everyone and everything you know will be gone! What will you have after 500 years?!

He is a Viltrumite who was assigned custody over Earth from his home world, Viltrum. But when omni man discovers that his has developed super powers, his true intentions begin to emerge.

Recovered from a coma and several heavy injuries in a short amount of timePerformed a during his confrontation with Cecilto Can survive...

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I've read through the comic series from beginning to end 3 times now. I'm really confused about how there is a good chunk of folks complaining about how it doesn't stick to the comics? It's extremely faithful in many ways, but somehow people forgot that different mediums require adjustments to how the story is presented.

As far as "wokeness" complaints, I just don't get it. There is maybe 3-4 throw away lines mentioning 4th wave feminism, a degree in women's studies, and the founding father's being slave owners or something. The Amber character was changed, probably cause she just wasn't...

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