Insomnia treatment

Insomnia treatment

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Plenty of treatment options for insomnia are available. Good sleep habits and a healthy diet can remedy many cases of insomnia. Behavior therapy or medication may be necessary in some cases. Some cases of insomnia are a result of stress or some other emotional or physical condition that needs separate treatment. Many times, sleep patterns return to normal when these conditions are successfully treated.

Talk to your doctor about a treatment plan if you have insomnia. The type of medication and dose will depend on your symptoms and medical history. This may be the root of your insomnia and will...

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This can be a very frustrating situation, as the can worsen as sleep debt increases over time. How Do You Treat Insomnia? It is important to know what is and what is not insomnia. It is also not considered insomnia if a stimulant like caffeine or the effect of other drugs are the reason someone is unable to sleep.

If the difficulty sleeping occurs for at least three nights a week and continues for at least three months, and is not the result of another mental illness, then it is likely to be classified as insomnia. Sources of stress can...

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