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Thankfully, in recent times, the advocacy for mental health has been staunch. It covers more expansive grounds than it did in the past. She would have been adequately helped and cared for.

Unfortunately, she was a victim of circumstance. However, she was an undiagnosed mental patient at the time. Her family mistook her actions to be rebellious. They all thought it was the regular teen hotheadedness, and she would calm down eventually. Unfortunately, Isabella had to go to a mental institution to calm down after stabbing her birth mother 151 times.

Kindly read on to find out what for. Who...

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Not every child is lucky enough to grow up happy and prosperous — so was Isabella Guzman from Aurora, Colorado. In addition, little Isabella was not like other children, hardly laughed and was practically never seen playing with other children.

When the parents divorced, Isabella stayed with her mother, although she deeply detested her. A few years ago no one would have suspected that this childhood would turn Isabella Guzman into a cold-blooded murderess — and yet the young woman committed a crime that left speechless. Mother slaughtered to death with 79 stab wounds: Isabella Guzman became a murderer at...

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