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Cempedak in english

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Who owns Nikoi Island? Andrew Dixon Andrew Dixon is an Earth Changer. The co-founder of Nikoi Island, a barefoot secluded escape just 50 miles from Singapore, talks designing and developing a sustainable remote private island for guests to connect with themselves, the natural environment and local community.

What does cempedak taste like? Cempedak has a sweetly unique flavor akin to that of durian and mango. The fruit is normally consumed in the areas where it is cultivated and can be eaten fresh or cooked. How do I get to Nikoi Island? Can cempedak be eaten raw? Cempedak has a sweetly...

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Maria Wang — she will eat any fruit in the name of science! And what does cempedak taste like? Cempedak is a species of tree related to breadfruit and jackfruit. But when people refer to cempedak, they tend to mean the strange, spiky looking fruit it produces rather than the tree.

This fruit has an intense flavour. In this blog, our tropical fruit expert and Grantham Scholar reveals what cempedak tastes like, as well as why this plant could be important for sustainability.

Photo credit: Nyree Zerega Before joining theI studied the genetics of tropical fruits at Cempedak in english...

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