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Super League 2020 Head Coach: Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto Asst Head Coach: Jelius Ating Ass Coach: Burhan Ajui Local Sabahan Players 1.

Rawilson Batuil 2019 Squad 2. Dendy Lowa 2019 Squad 3. Jenius Karib 2019 Squad 4. Ummareng Bachok 2019 Squad 5. Randy Baruh 2019 Squad 6. Mohd Azzizan Nordin 2019 Squad 7. Ricco Nigel Milus 2019 Squad 8. Maxsius Musa 2019 Squad 9. Sabri Sahar 2019 Squad 10. Mohd Azwan Abd Fattah 2019 Squad 11. Mazlan Yahya 2019 Squad 12. Mafry Balang 2019 Squad 13. Alto Linus 2019 Squad 14. Evan Wensley 2019 Squad 15. Ariusdius Jais 2019 Squad 16....

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James Wong Burhan Ajui KOTA KINABALU: Datuk James Wong has urged for a major shake-up in the Sabah FC squad after their poor outing in the just concluded Super League campaign. The state and country football legend made the remark after Sabah finished ninth out of 12 teams, no thank to a run of 10 matches without win after concluding the league with a 1-2 defeat to Perak FC on Sunday. James said he had watched the Rhinos regularly this season and noticed the players utilised at every corner of the field, thus raising the question whether Sabah have the...

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