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A copper golem is golem-like passive mob that randomly presses wooden buttons. The only way of spawning is summoning by the player. Behavior The copper golem mindlessly wanders around and seemingly at random becomes interested in a near by button if there is one.

They have cute and funny idle animations that involve turning there body parts in circles or turning its head in clockwork circles making little clicking noises. Whenever they become interested in a button they walk over to it and click it, letting out a copper golem signal as normal.

They are only one block tall so...

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Copper Golems were able to press copper but tons, a new variety that would have been added copper golem them if they were to be voted in. The Copper Golem would have wandered around, pressing copper but tons in random orders. The Copper Golem was the third mob in the Minecon Live 2021 Mob Vote. Use any copper block other than waxed ones to make copper but tons in a crafting table.

WATCH THE VIDEO FOR A BETTER EXPLANATION. The biggest Minecraft event of the year is Minecraft Live which is a s how packed with the latest news, interviews,...

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