Buko pandan meleleh

Buko pandan meleleh

Meleleh buko pandan

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Fruit salad, a mixture of fresh or canned fruits, was introduced to the Filipino diet during the American occupation. Nowadays, most Filipino versions of fruit salad use a combination of canned fruit cocktail and table cream often called light cream or coffee cream, it has anywhere from 18% to 30% milk fat.

Buko pandan is a kind of variation on that Filipinized fruit salad. Buko pandan is also a popular flavor option for other desserts, like ice cream, pastries, and cakes.

I remember making this dish with my lola grandmother. To select the perfect coconut, he knocked on coconuts in...

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Looking for a type dessert that assuage the thirst in summer? Try this buko pandan salad that will surely relieve the thirst on your parching throat. The main ingredients of this are the young coconut,condensed milk and cream, and of course the pandan leaves fragrant green, tropical plant that makes it smell good. It is absolutely delicious and very refreshing as buko pandan meleleh is served chilled.

This creamy fragrant salad is always present when there will be a family gatherings, occasions or parties since it is easy and very comfortable to serve to visitors. In some buko pandan meleleh...

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