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The actor - director's next project update is here. Uriyadi was premiered in cinemas in 2016, where Vijay Kumar was the protagonist, producer, writer, and director. The film opened to high critical acclaim, with critics providing phenomenal reviews praising uriyadi vijay kumar screenplay, direction, originality, and realism.

It is considered as an unmissable masterpiece and was lauded as one of Tamil cinema's best political thrillers. Following Uriyadi's commercial success and critical acclaim, Vijay Kumar made Uriyadi 2 under actor Surya's 2D Entertainment.

The sequel also managed to gain a pretty good name and commercial success. After a successful duology, Vijay...

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Running time 100 minutes Country India Language Tamil Uriyadi Tamil: உறியடி transl. Breaking point is a 2016 Indian -language written, directed and produced by newcomer under the production banner Souvenir Productions, with Nalan Kumarasamy, Sameer Bharat Ram and Satish Swaminathan presented and co-produced the film. He also starred in the lead role, along withCitizen Sivakumar, Chandru Kumar, Henna Bella, Jeyakanth Velu, and Suruli. Set in the 1990s, It revolves around the lives of four bachelors, who lead a carefree life take a uriyadi vijay kumar when they are embroiled into a political fight.

However, they end up finding their mutual...

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