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They were students of Kurobara High School before transferring to 's school. Residence The Nakano Quintuplets live on the 30th floor of a luxurious apartment but later move to a small apartment on the second floor of their own will.

The 5 sisters live together with no one else in both apartments. The Nakano Quintuplets have their own unique hand gesturecreate their own "Quintuplets Finger Game" and "Quintuplets Puzzle Game"often do "Quintuplets Jokes"and tease Fuutarou with a "Quintuplets Guessing Game". See tab for more detailed info. Members Nakano nino of the girls' name references a number, indicating the nakano nino...

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He is serious and dedicated to his efforts in helping the Nakano sisters improve their grades, but is often at odds with others for his avarice, conceited nature.

He likes dishes that Raiha cooks, but hates raw fish. His favorite drink ishis favorite nakano nino are gorillas and his daily convention is storing one coin.

In his student handbook he keeps a photo of a girl he met in while he was in sixth grade, who was his inspiration to study. It is later revealed that she is one of the Nakano Quintuplets. He was once a rather hot-headed kid...

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