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With a div, the background image is constrained within the div. Any divs on a page can have their own background image. Div content is on top of the div's background image like web page content is on top of its background image.

Some content may benefit from an underlying background image. A poem over a textured background, for example, or an image of a watercolor painting. An ad may be presented over a muted graph or a logo. Depending on the type of website, navigation buttons may be put in a div with a scenic background. Three of the...

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Introduction to CSS Background Image CSS Background Image is defined as a CSS property to set background images for an element. Background image image can be applied as graphics or gradient of an element.

This property is assigned inside an HTML page and can be done to block elements and inline. The core background image of this property is it allows to place additional HTML content on top of the page like headings and also provides layering capabilities so that we have an option to add other image and text content as well within the same available space.

We can...

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