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Buddha vs zerofuku

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Buddha is a prominent deity and the leader of the Buddhist Pantheon, being the founder of Buddhism, one of the Four Sages, as well as one of the few divine beings, alongside and the Valkyries, who are not in favor of destroying humanity. Buddha was buddha vs zerofuku a human by the name of "Gautama Siddhartha" and a famous philosophical figure hailing from Ancient Nepal, before attaining enlightenment and eventually ascending to godhood. Powers and Stats : At least 5-B At least 5-B, possibly higher Name: Buddha Origin: Gender: Male Age: Unknown Classification: God, Human formerly Powers and Abilities: buddha...

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Ok, so we know that Zero absorbed all of humanity misery, which eventually corrupted him and turned him into what he is now. But have you ever asked yourselves why Buddha is constantly telling him that he will help him deal with his puberty and he will stay until Zero is done with his tantrum? That's not Buddha making some jokes, that is what's going to happen. He will fight Zerofuku until all the malice he absorbed is released and he will go back to normal. As to how the fight will play outthis is what I think: As the...

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