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Unsurprisingly, the fishing spots in Enkanomiya are well hidden, just like its treasures and chests. Here's a quick guide to all three fishing locations in the region. Three fishing locations in Enkanomiya region of Genshin Impact revealed 1 The Serpent's Heart Fishing location in The Serpent's Heart in Enkanomiya Image via Genshin Impact This is easily the most remote fishing spot in. After teleporting to the northern waypoint in The Serpent's Heart, players need to jump from the western edge of the cliff.

There is a cave underneath that is full of water and monsters. Alongside, the cave has a...

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To learn more or opt-out, genshin fishing spots our. Please also read our andwhich became effective December 20, 2019. Our Genshin Impact guide explains how to unlock the fishing system and what you can do with it. Talk to Katheryne in Mondstadt, which will lead you on a fairly straightforward journey. Once you have Genshin Impact fishing unlocked, you can start fishing pretty much anywhere you see bubbling waters and fish swimming around. You can trade fish in for better bait recipes and fishing rods to members of the Fishing Association, and you can use them in cooking.

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